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Puppy Love

This guideline, of course, is optional but highly recommended.  If you don’t already have one and are (physically, financially, and pyschologically) able to, get yourself a dog.  Why?  Dogs force you to get out and about.  It’s that simple.  In addition, they encourage you to be less self-centered.  Plus, they’re fantastic listeners and feet warmers.  Not only do they provide people with quality company, dogs encourage people to live healthy lives.  Studies show that dog-owners tend to live longer than those who don’t have pets.  Not a bad deal, right?

If it weren’t for Morty (my 5-year-old Shih-Tzu), I would have never met my Mr. Right.  Because of Morty, I met my friend, Kim (who was also walking her dogs at the time).  She and her husband then set me and Mr. Right up and the rest is history  :).

Although a diamond is nice, I think a dog is a girl’s true best friend.


Be Happy

Before you build a successful relationship, you must be happy with yourself.  Although this site serves to be a guide for those seeking committed and meaningful relationships, it also encourages people to put things into perspective.  Yes, it would be ideal for you to find the love of your life and live happily ever after.  But keep in mind, also, that it is always better to be alone than with the wrong person.  Simply put, if the worst thing that ever happens to you is your ending up single and having only to take care of yourself, that’s a pretty good deal.

Lesson # 8:  Be Happy With and By Yourself

I say this because it is imperative for every one to be happy being by (and doing things by) herself/himself before she/he can be truly happy with another person.  Being open to true love is one thing.  Being desperate is another.  You are not desperate.  You are not seeking someone to complete you.  Rather, you are seeking someone who compliments you.

Now that we have that established, get out there and do some fishing!

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