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Big Brother

To go along with my previous post, I would go so far to argue that you should date a man who has younger siblings.  I actually like this “rule” more so than Lesson # 11 (Date Men Who Have Sisters).

Lesson # 12:  Date Men Who Are the Oldest/Older Siblings

I may be biased (as I’m the oldest sibling in my family) but the reason for this is because older siblings tend to be less self-centered (not necessarily less selfish) and more accustomed to sharing things (whether they like to or not), in addition to having more of a protective instinct (all of which are desirable qualities in a man).  Lets face it, people who are older siblings grew up with the notion of sharing and protecting as part of their upbringing.  In addition to being used as guinea pigs by their parents, older siblings are also more apt to put things into perspective (as they’ve “gotten it from all sides”–grief from the parents, setting an example for younger siblings, coming into their own, etc.).


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One thought on “Big Brother

  1. I highly disagree! I am the eldest sibling, and as such, I’ve grown up having things my way and being the boss of my younger sister; she just had to deal with it. When I date other oldest siblings, we usually come to a stand-still: we each have strong opinions of how things should be. I’d rather date a youngest sibling, who had to just go with the flow with his older siblings picking on him as the youngest. This combo works perfectly for my parents (who have been married for over 25 years): my mom is the oldest sibling and has to have her way, and my dad is the youngest sibling, and just does whatever my mom says.

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