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Junk in the Trunk

I’m not going to make this a “lesson” or “rule” but one thing I’ve observed through both experience and watching friends is that men who are medium to chubby to larger build tend to make better husbands.  Why?  They tend to be less judgmental and more accommodating.

Men who are very physically fit (especially those who are obsessed with looking the part and “gym rats”) tend to be more critical simply based on the fact they hold themselves to a higher standard of conventional-fit-appearance (being slim does not necessarily equal to being healthy but that’s another topic).  And, in turn, expect the same if not more from their partners.  Something to think about.



Fish Where the Fishing’s Good

One thing that women undermine the importance of is the first action in dating–the selection process.

Lesson # 1:  Choose Wisely

To a certain extent, successful dating is a numbers game.  However, dating a million jerks will not yield to one marriageable man.  Just remember that in the selection process of dating, it’s more about quality versus quantity.  Assuming your ultimate goal is to marry the love of your life, only date marriageble men.  Whether you find dates using online services, setups from friends, or networking, your first priority is to separate the prospects from the suspects.

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