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Fight Like a Girl

A friend called last night and we discussed a fight she was having with her boyfriend.  From what I know about him, he’s an upstanding man and a “guy’s guy”.  Long story short, she mistakenly assumed that he was ignoring her when his phone was turned off (as he works in a classified environment that requires all phones to be turned off during work hours).  As I pointed out, ignoring someone is passive aggressive and, so far, this guy’s “fighting style” has never been catty or passive aggressive.  Also, people’s fighting styles are pretty consistent. Unless you’re dating and/or marrying someone of the same sex, the verdict is:

Lesson # 16:  Say No to Catty Men

Why?  Because one woman in the house is enough (again, unless you’re with someone of the same sex).  “Men” who are catty or passive aggressive are not really men.  Rather, they are boys in men’s bodies.  As a woman, you want (and need) someone who compliments you and is of generous heart (cattiness and pettiness are the opposite of being generous).  So, again, ladies–actions (or behaviors, in this case) do speak louder than words.  Keep your eyes open and observe and you shall receive your answer (as to whether he is worthy of your giving him the best years of your life).


Junk in the Trunk

I’m not going to make this a “lesson” or “rule” but one thing I’ve observed through both experience and watching friends is that men who are medium to chubby to larger build tend to make better husbands.  Why?  They tend to be less judgmental and more accommodating.

Men who are very physically fit (especially those who are obsessed with looking the part and “gym rats”) tend to be more critical simply based on the fact they hold themselves to a higher standard of conventional-fit-appearance (being slim does not necessarily equal to being healthy but that’s another topic).  And, in turn, expect the same if not more from their partners.  Something to think about.


Big Brother

To go along with my previous post, I would go so far to argue that you should date a man who has younger siblings.  I actually like this “rule” more so than Lesson # 11 (Date Men Who Have Sisters).

Lesson # 12:  Date Men Who Are the Oldest/Older Siblings

I may be biased (as I’m the oldest sibling in my family) but the reason for this is because older siblings tend to be less self-centered (not necessarily less selfish) and more accustomed to sharing things (whether they like to or not), in addition to having more of a protective instinct (all of which are desirable qualities in a man).  Lets face it, people who are older siblings grew up with the notion of sharing and protecting as part of their upbringing.  In addition to being used as guinea pigs by their parents, older siblings are also more apt to put things into perspective (as they’ve “gotten it from all sides”–grief from the parents, setting an example for younger siblings, coming into their own, etc.).

Sister Act

Although this next rule isn’t “required”, it should be heavily considered for those who prefer generous partners:

Lesson #11: Date Men Who Have Sisters

Studies show that the more female family members a man has, the more generous and “warm” he is as a person.  Perhaps many boys grow to become protective of their sisters.  Who knows?  My observation has shown me that men who have sisters tend to be more giving as people.

Who’s That Girl?

I love the art and science of matchmaking.  After years of being in “relationships limbo”, I decided to inform myself by learning from insights of relationship experts such as Sherry Argov, Sherrie Schneider, and Ellen Fein.  These gurus confirmed what I knew deep in my mind and heart all along. With the help of friends and my new found (or deeply buried within me) knowledge, I implemented customized guidelines and found my very own Mr. Right. The goal of this site is to review, confirm, and encourage a paradigm shift in women and men who are seeking love in all the wrong places. Buckle up, ladies and gents, because what you’re about to learn (or review) and implement is going to change your life.

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” — Dr. Seuss

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